Who's that Man Behind the Curtain?

Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2015


BehindTheCurtain.com is a personal sandbox. Working on this site provides a much-needed break from my day job as a marketing manager for a Silicon Valley software company. It gives me a chance to write a bit about my favorite pastime, watching movies, and to keep an inventory of the most important works I've seen. And I get to nerd around with content management systems and website coding, which I find more mentally rewarding than than online games.

Most FAQs are not the questions that readers frequently ask, but the questions that organizations want you to ask. Mine are no different.

If this were a real blog, you'd have Like and Share buttons, and I could leave comments explaining how stupid your review of my favorite movie is.

This isn't a real blog. It's my hobby. If I added commenting, I'd feel obligated to read your comments. And then to answer. I'd rather spend my time blogging, not commenting.

Why is this blog so ugly?

I've coded almost everything you see by hand. I've concentrated mostly on content and function. I'm not a designer, so even when I get around to design, it's not likely to take your breath away.

So, what do you use to stand up this blog?

Years ago, I started with WordPress, but that business with "the loop" seemed like more trouble than was necessary to understand. I now use Umbraco, which is a better fit with my minor background with classic ASP.

Something seems broken.

I don't have a staging environment, so you may catch me in the middle of some update, particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings U.S. Pacific time.